The Gift of Community

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie celebrate faithfulness to the monastic way of life. Every day becomes a new opportunity to seek God together in community. We uphold one another and all with kindness and care, in peace and joy. With the Gospel as our guide and the Rule of Benedict to direct us, our hearts overflow with the inexpressible delight of love as we follow the path of God with the light of life within us.

News and Events

New Postulant is Welcomed by the Community
August 30, 2015

Valerie Luckey became a postulant on Sunday, August 30 in a ritual that began with her knocking on the door of the monastery. She was accompanied by Sister Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director. "I have walked with Valerie in her discernment process," said Sister Marilyn "I am very happy to walk with her into our monastery." Upon entering the front door Valerie was greeted by the community. Prioress, Sister Anne Wambach, asked: "What is it that you seek?" Valerie replied, "I seek to live the monastic way of life in this community and continue my spiritual journey."

Valerie, age 27,...

New Seeker Arrives
August 26, 2015

Valerie Luckey from Emmaus, PA arrived in Erie to a warm welcome on a cool day. Several sisters were at the ready and the car was unpacked in no time. Valerie has come to the Erie Benedictines to continue to discern her vocation to religious life. The Rite of Entrance into the postulancy will take place over the weekend.

“Valerie visited the community and worked in our ministries several times over the past couple of years before deciding to make a formal request for entrance,” said Sister Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director. “With our present postulants soon to become novices it...

Take Back the Site Vigil Honors Two 16 Year Old Victims
August 21, 2015

The third vigil in as many weeks, this one for two victims.

Another death by gun last night.

Two more vigils yet to be scheduled.

When will the shooting and killing stop?

Please continue to pray with us for an end to these senseless acts of violence. Read Sister Mary Ellen Plumb’s words of comfort shared at the vigil.

See what the...

ARTfully Yours ─ AUGUST Offering
August 16, 2015

ARTfully yours is an invitation to have fun experimenting with different art forms, enjoy wine and snacks with friends and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Neighborhood Art House. These evenings are characterized by lots of fun, enthusiasm for trying something new, smiles over wine and snacks, laughter and conversation, welcome surprise, and pride in new accomplishments. Join us on the 20th of selected months throughout 2015. Two classes will be offered on each ARTfully yours evening. Class size is limited. Supplies, wine and snacks are included in the $40 registration fee...

Erie Gives Day a day of giving for Emmaus
August 14, 2015

Erie gives….and gives….and gives to the people served by Emmaus Ministries. Over $34,000 was donated to Emmaus during the annual Erie Gives Day sponsored by The Erie Community Foundation on Tuesday, August 11th. Emmaus placed 5th in number of contributors and 12th in the amount pledged in the 12-hour period of on-line giving. A grand total of $2,821,929 was raised for 337 local non-profits. “Erie Gives day is a blessing, a unique and creative event that enables so many good works in the area to benefit,” said Sister...

Jubilee Highlights
August 13, 2015

Jubilee was such a wonderful evening that we wanted to share some of the highlights in a photo scrapbook in addition to the story we posted last week. Celebrating 70 and 60 years of monastic profession is a memory to keep alive. Faithfulness to the monastic way of life is something in which we rejoice as well as something that encourages us to continue to “run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.” (Rule of Benedict: Prologue 49)

Way to go, Rusty!
August 12, 2015

"Rusty has come a long way," said Sister Carolann McLaughlin. She and Sister Rita Groner adopted the miniature poodle when he was four years old. Now at the age of 13 he took first place in Jumpers and Weaves at Countryside Agility where he recently completed agility trials.

"Thanks to the work of his handler, Cathy Croft, he had a great run," said Sister Carolann. "We were absolutely thrilled when we were told that he had placed first and were so proud of him—especially since he had just turned 13!"

Participation in agility trials is for fun and exercise at the local level...

Three Sisters Transfer Vows to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie
August 11, 2015

“God’s constancy and your faithfulness in response bring us to this very special moment,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, to Sisters Kathleen Warner, Mary Bernard Lander and Joachim Frey on the occasion of their final incorporation into the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. These three sisters from St. Joseph Monastery in St. Marys, PA, came to live in Erie when it became clear that their monastery would be closing as a result of a climbing median age and lack of new members. After a year of prayer and discernment the sisters asked to transfer their vows and become fully incorporated into...

Postulants Request Entrance into the Novitiate
August 10, 2015

“I would like to continue to seek God while living out my faith in this community” said Dina Lauricella as she made the request to continue in the community’s formation program. Karen Oprenchok said, “Prayer and discernment have affirmed my desire to continue learning about the Benedictine way of life and monastic vows.”

At a special chapter meeting of the community Postulants Dina and Karen requested entrance into the novitiate. The novice year is one of ongoing discernment, study and preparation prior to taking vows.

The community accepted the requests with great joy and...

Leisure Day Fun
August 8, 2015

Benedictine spirituality calls us to a balanced life, one that is rich, inclusive and fun. The Benedictine lifestyle develops a rhythm of prayer, study, work and leisure, each one as holy as the next. Thus, leisure, the renewing of one’s body and mind, is indeed holy.

It has been said that people reveal who they are in their leisure. If that it is true then the Benedictine Sisters of Erie are a fun-loving group who enjoy a good time and are willing to spend a day simply “leisuring” with one another.

August Community Days included a day of leisure activity choices: a trip to...

2015 Blessing of Ministries: Hold Fast
August 7, 2015

As part of community days the Benedictine Sisters of Erie offered their ministry commitment to Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. On their commitment papers the sisters list their particular ministries and also define the ways they will support and live the community’s Corporate Commitment in the year to come.

"This act of commitment and blessing is a moment that gives special meaning to choices that are made with deep seriousness and prayer," said Sister Anne. "Each new day provides the opportunity to not only honor the...